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Build a meaningful career with an agency that truly values its employees.

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Our employees are valued.

Hard work and dedication are rewarded with great benefits.

Competitive Pay

Pay is based on the type of work you will perform and your location. For example, a correctional officer in a major metropolitan area would receive special Locality Pay at a Law Enforcement Officer rate. Depending on your factors, one of these pay tables will apply to you:

Fair Compensation

  • Evening Rate

    Employees who must work evening duty (4:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.) are paid a percentage of their basic hourly rate above regular pay

  • Sunday Rate

    Employees who must work on Sunday are paid 25% above regular pay.

  • Overtime Pay

    Employees who work beyond their normal hours are compensated for their time.

  • Commuter Subsidy

    Employees who work in certain large metropolitan areas and take public transportation to work can be reimbursed up to $230.00 per month.

Performance-Based Awards

Sometimes monetary awards can be earned in certain circumstances such as:

  • Performing a courageous act or developing a new technique/procedure that has a substantial impact on our agency and/or government-wide operations.
  • Achieving a sustained outstanding performance rating on your employee evaluation.
  • Graduating from the Staff Training Academy with honors.

Health Insurance

Healthcare is available to Federal employees, retirees, and eligible family members. Choose from the widest selection of health insurance plans in the country where the Government pays around 72% - 60% of the cost and you pay the remaining 28% - 40% depending on the plan you select.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance is available to eligible employees, retirees, and their eligible family members on an enrollee-pay-all basis with competitive premiums and no pre-existing condition limitations.

Life Insurance

Basic life insurance is automatic unless you waive the coverage. Your age does not affect the cost of Basic insurance which is shared between you and the Government in which you pay 2/3 of the total cost and the Government pays the remaining 1/3. In addition to the Basic coverage, you can elect to purchase three forms of optional life insurance in which age does play a factor and you pay the full cost.

Vacation Leave

The amount of vacation leave (also known as annual leave) you receive depends on how many years of federal service you have attained, including creditable military service. Use the slider below to quickly determine an amount.

With 1 year or less of federal service you would receive 13 days of vacation leave annually.

  • With 3 year or less of federal service you would receive 13 days of vacation leave annually.
  • With 4-14 years of federal service you would receive 20 days of vacation leave annually.
  • With 15 or more years of federal service you would receive 26 days of vacation leave annually.

Sick Leave

All full-time employees earn 13 sick days per year.


There are 10 paid Federal Government holidays during the calendar year.

Performance-Based Awards

Employees who receive sustained outstanding performance evaluations may be awarded with days off.

Savings on Health Care and Dependent Care

Contribute money to Flexible Spending Account from your salary BEFORE taxes are withheld then get reimbursed for your family´┐Żs out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses.

Access to a Fitness Center

At most locations, your family is also permitted to have access to the same well-equiped staff fitness center that you may use.

Discounted Events

Enjoy activities and travel opportunities with your family at a lowered group rate at events organized by the Employees Club.

Early Law Enforcement Retirement

If you work full-time in a prison, you qualify for "hazardous duty" law enforcement retirement provisions which means:

Smart Investment Options

Government employees have access to a powerful investing tool called the Thrift Savings Plan. We'll match your contributions into the TSP dollar-for-dollar on the first 3% and 50 cents on the dollar for the following two percent!

Our employees are family.

Our long-standing culture of being a close-knit family sets us apart from other agencies - at the BOP you don't just get to know your coworkers, you make life-long friends. And as a close family, we are always there for one another especially when someone is in need. Our agency has several formal programs that exemplify this close bond:

Institution Staff Gathered
  • Co-Worker Emergency Fund
    Employees can establish a fund to assist other staff members during financially damaging tragedies.
  • Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
    Employees can donate their annual leave to other staff members who are experiencing a medical emergency.
  • Employee Assistance Program
    Staff and their dependents who are experiencing personal problems in their life are eligible to talk with a licensed, certified counselor for up to 6 sessions per problem per year.

Our employees are giving.

We have a long history of giving to the communities that we serve. Our staff participate in various programs and activities by allocating time, resources, and money to help others in need.

FCI Fairton had raised 1170 pounds of food for those in need.
  • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
    Every year during the CFC season, many FBOP employees support people and communities in need across the country and around the world through contributions to the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign.
  • Feds Feed Families (FFF)
    Feds Feed Families is a food drive that encourages employees from all federal departments and agencies to give in-kind contributions (food, services, and time) to food banks and pantries of their choice.
  • Points of Light Foundation
    The Points of Light Foundation, the world's leading volunteer organization, has recognized FBOP employees and programs for their outstanding volunteer efforts with the Daily Points of Light Program.
  • Some of the other charitable organizations and programs our employees support include:
    • Special Olympics
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Angel Tree Programs
    • Faith-based and community-based programs
    • Collections for the homeless and those in need