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Information Technology Specialist

Job Series Number: 2210

BOP IT Specialist
Information Technology at the BOP
Information Technology Specialists evaluate computer hardware and software needs, direct and formulate the testing of systems to ensure optimal performance, install hardware and software, and analyze broad system specifications.

For consideration at the GS-05 level

4 year degree with a major study in:
  • Computer Science
  • Information Science
  • Information Systems Management
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Engineering
  • Other course work that required the development or adaptation of computer programs and systems, providing equivalent knowledge to a major in the computer field.

A basic knowledge of data processing functions, general management principles, and an understanding of the stages required to automate a work process. This experience may have been gained in one of the following positions:

  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Assistant
  • Computer Sales Representative
  • Program Analyst
  • Other position that required the use or adaptation of computer programs and systems

For consideration at the GS-07 level

1 year of graduate education in the fields of study listed at the GS-05 level


1 year of specialized experience (equivalent to at least the GS-05 level) that includes:

  1. Translating detailed logical steps developed by others into code that computers accept
  2. Understanding procedures and limitations of a programming language

For consideration at the GS-09 level

Master's Degree in the fields of study listed at the GS-05 level


1 year of specialized experience (equivalent to at least the GS-07 level) that demonstrates you have a knowledge of computer requirements and techniques when carrying out tasks related to project assignments. For example, given detailed specifications, you made minor modifications to parts of a computer system.

For consideration at the GS-11 level

Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree


1 year of specialized experience (equivalent to at least the GS-09 level) that demonstrates accomplishment of computer project assignments that required a range of knowledge of computer requirements and techniques.

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"With the BOP, you will be provided with outstanding training, invaluable experience and opportunities to advance into positions of greater responsibility." Learn More ...
"While a senior in college finishing up my degree in Information Systems, I began my career as an intern in Information Technology for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Today, I am the I.T. Manager at a large medical center in the BOP. A Federal Prison is like a small city. Information Technology supports systems that manage just about every aspect of that city. For example, my department supports and maintains systems that manage Food Service, Education (to include GED testing), Facilities, Religious Services, Financial Management, Human Resources, Health Services, etc. Supporting or managing such a comprehensive I.T. infrastructure is challenging; however, the Bureau of Prisons is committed to their staff's personal and professional development. With the BOP, you will be provided with outstanding training, invaluable experience and opportunities to advance into positions of greater responsibility. With a combination of the BOP's mission, the Agency's commitment to individuals and opportunities for advancement, I'm confident you will find a career in the Federal Bureau of Prisons rewarding. "
John Jury
Computer Services Manager

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  • A competitive federal government salary and benefits, including health care and retirement.
  • Potential for recruitment incentives.
  • Flexible work options.

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